We hope these couple of lines are not read as one of the usual ‘thank you letters,’ but as our honest and true feelings about your expertise and services. Not only did you arrange and process all necessary application and documentation in an extremely professional manner, but in particular your experience and accuracy in combination with your special sensitiveness to recognise the best possible approaches, has made us feel very comfortable and confident during the whole application process.

To become permanent residents in Australia was a very important issue to us, as it does give us a new direction in life and provides peace of mind to our family. For this reason we consider ourselves lucky to have consulted you from the very beginning to arrange this important step in life for us.

It was certainly not only your professionalism and experience to achieve the set out goal, but it was your patient and amicable way of working with us, which made it easy for us. For this reason, we would without any hesitation, recommend to anyone to make use of your experience and comprehensive knowledge.