Temporary Residence Visas

Temporary Residence Visas

1. General.

Australia’s temporary residence program is designed to allow overseas people to come to Australia for specific purposes that benefit Australia. There are many types of visas under this category of visa. Temporary residents are required to pay taxes on income earned in Australia. They do not have access to social welfare benefits or national public health cover or Medicare card.

Among the diverse types of temporary residence visas that allow entry into Australia, the four most common ones are the Student visa, the Work and Holiday visa, the Visitor or Tourist visa, and the Temporary Activity visa.

Australia’s temporary residence policy facilitates the entry, on a temporary basis of people who can contribute to the economic, international relations, and cultural and social development of the Australian community. Holders of such visas, including members of their families will be able to live and work in Australia for a limited time.

2. The Economic Stream.

The most common types of visas in this stream are:-

  • Tourist or Visitor Visas – Travel and tourism is an important part of the Australian economy. Experts believe that tourism has the potential to be a key area of growth moving forward into the future, despite political and economic instability worldwide. With the decline of other market sectors, in particular mining and construction, tourism could prevent the Australian economy from sliding into recession. The Visitor Subclass 600 visa category consists of five streams namely:
    • The Tourist Stream – This visa stream lets you to visit Australia as a tourist, to see family and friends or for purposes other than business or medical treatment.
    • The Sponsored Family Stream – This visa stream allow people who are sponsored, usually by a family member, come to Australia to visit their family members. Your sponsor may be required to post a bond before your visa application can be approved.
    • Business Visitor Stream – This visa stream lets you visit Australia for business reasons.
    • Approved Destination Status Stream – This visa stream is for citizens from certain areas of China visiting Australia on a tour organised by an approved travel agent.
    • Frequent Traveller Stream – This visa stream is for citizens of the People’s Republic of China who travel often to Australia for business or personal reasons.
  • Educational Visas – The Student Subclass 500 visa allow foreign students to study in Australia. To be able to apply for this visa the applicant must meet the following pre-requisites:
    • Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
    • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
    • Financial Requirements
    • English Proficiency Requirement
    • Australian Health Requirement
    • Australian Character Requirement
    • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Of all the above pre-requisites the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement is the most likely pre-requisite that will be the reason for the majority of student visa applications refusals. The Department of Immigration defines the GTE as follows…. “The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement is an integrity measure to ensure that the student visa programme is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia. The GTE requirement applies to all student visa applicants.” Therefore it is critical that student visa applicants devote special attention to this pre-requisite to ensure a successful student visa application. We at James Tan Immigration


would be happy to assist you if you need assistance to apply for your Student visa and also to satisfy the GTE requirement for all categories of Student visas.

3. The Social/Cultural Stream. 

The more common types of visas in this stream are:-

  • Religious Worker Visas.– This visa allows religious workers, including ministers, priests, and spiritual leaders, to serve the spiritual needs of people of their faiths in Australia.
  • Special Program Visas. – This visa lets you stay in Australia to take part in an approved special program. Special programs can include youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community programs, school language assistants or “gap year school volunteering “.
  • Research Activities Visas. – This visa lets you observe or take part in a research project at a research or tertiary institution in Australia. You and your family who apply for the visa with you can stay here for up to 2 years.
  • Sporting Activities Visas. – This visa allows you to play, coach, instruct, or adjudicate for an Australian team, or do high level sports training with a sporting organisation. You and your family can stay in Australia for up to 2 years.
  • Entertainment Activities Visas. – This temporary visa lets you come to Australia to work in the entertainment industry on film, television or live productions as a performer, production, or support staff. You can include family members in your visa application.
  • Superyacht Crew Visas. – This visa lets you work in Australia as a crew member of a superyacht. You can stay here for up to 12 months.
  • Exchange Arrangements Visas. – This visa lets you come to Australia as part of a staff exchange with an Australian organisation. You and your family members who travel here on the visa with you can stay for up to 2 years.
  • Australian Government Endorsed Events Visas. – This temporary visa lets you come to Australia to participate in events which are endorsed by the Australian Government.
  • Domestic Work for Executives Visas. – This visa lets you come to Australia to do full-time domestic work in the household of certain senior foreign executives. You and members of your family unit can stay here for up to 2 years.

For more detailed information on all the above Social/Cultural Stream visit the Department of Immigration website for  Temporary Activity Visas.

4. The International Relations Stream.

The most common visa in this stream is:-

  • Working Holiday Visas– This visa is for young people from countries with which Australia has working holiday arrangements who want to holiday and travel in Australia, while having the opportunity to work for short periods of time. Australia has reciprocal working holiday arrangements with several countries. For more information visit the Department of Immigration website on Working Holiday Visas Working Holiday Visas .

5. Conclusion.

If an applicant is able to meet all the requirements of any particular category of visa he/she intends to apply for, then he/she is invited to contact James Tan Immigration Lawyer by completing the Assessment Form create link in this website for a proper assessment to determine whether an application should be lodged with the Department of Home Affairs. This assessment costs only $150.00 and is credited to the applicant’s fees payable if he/she proceeds to instruct us to proceed with an application. In all instances lodgement fees (which can be quite substantial) once paid to the Australian Department of Immigration is non-refundable. Therefore the $150.00 assessment fee paid is money well spent.

6. Please note that the immigration information provided in this website is a guide only. You are advised to contact James Tan Immigration Lawyer  to for specific answers to any question affecting your case. For a prompt reply to any query with regard to your case you are invited to submit your confidential completed Assessment Form to James Tan Immigration Lawyer for a quick and accurate assessment of your specific case.

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